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The Wavelink Webinar Series is a series of live, interactive and educational webinars. Each webinar is dedicated to improving your understanding of existing and new Wavelink products, device management or security.

Learn from an expert at Wavelink or an invited guest at no cost and without leaving your desk.

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How to Upgrade from “Green Screen” to Touch Screen

Join Wavelink’s Tom Butler as he walks you through the step-by-step process of capturing your existing mobile telnet “green screens” and converting them to use on Velocity for your Android devices. This technical webinar will demonstrate:

Capturing a mobile session’s telnet screens

Alleviating duplicates

Adding a new mobile theme using Velocity configurator

Customizing Velocity telnet screens


Deploying and running your new user interface on an Android mobile device using Velocity

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Mapping Mobile Solutions to Meet Warehouse Modernization Trends

Mobility solutions are widely used throughout the supply chain, but the technology is at a crossroads as operating systems transition to “smart OS” platforms.  VDC’s David Krebs delivers the trends and considerations to help you navigate the hardware transition and the implications for productivity apps that enable your workers.

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Velocity Update Partner Preview


How do you measure productivity? The answer is Xtraction for Avalanche

Reporting dashboards are key to ensuring your workforce is able to move at full speed, and that your mobility deployments are operating at peak performance. Join us to learn how our Xtraction reporting tool enhances Wavelink Avalanche with actionable insights to help you maximize productivity.

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Touch the Future of Mobile Productivity

Ready to step up to the next generation of mobile productivity? Learn about how Velocity maximizes the power of today’s touchscreen mobile devices to help your workers accomplish more tasks per shift. You’ll get expert market guidance, see a live demonstration of how Velocity automatically modernizes your existing telnet mobile application, and learn how Velocity can protect you from the risks, costs, and effort associated with application migration.

Wavelink accelerates mobile productivity among workers throughout the supply chain. From enabling you to update mobile devices across the globe in minutes to improving workflow efficiency by 50 percent, our solutions deliver results that directly benefit your bottom line.

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Voice Enablement: More Warehouses Are Picking Productivity

Voice Enablement: More Warehouses Are Picking Productivity, presented by VDC

Feeling greater pressure for on-time delivery of goods? Omni-channel pressures keeping you up at night? The warehouse is a very different place than it was 10 years ago, and so are the technologies available to help your workers keep up with the increased pace.

Watch our webinar, presented by VDC Research, for a look at how voice-directed technology has evolved. VDC’s Eric Klein will help you discover use cases throughout your warehouse where voice-enablement can deliver bottom-line improvement.

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The Easy Pick for Warehousing ROI

Think adding voice to your warehouse mobility deployment is cost-prohibitive? Having trouble proving an ROI?

VDC Research has confirmed that warehouses and distribution centers are realizing that employees are over 20% more productive after implementation of a voice-enablement solution, and also benefit from an increase in order accuracy. But voice applications have been limited to primarily picking applications. Why has adoption been so restricted?

It’s because of the legacy voice application model. Speakeasy by Wavelink redefines voice-enablement and provides the fastest, most cost effective voice solution available using a modern technology approach to:

  • Simplify the implementation process
  • Reduce training times from days to minutes
  • Provide the benefit of improved pick productivity up to 50%
  • Reduce safety risks

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The State of Voice Applications Presented by VDC

Join us for a look at the state of voice applications in the supply chain. VDC's David Krebs will host this educational session. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the voice market, key trends, and much more.

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What’s New with Avalanche?

Wondering what’s new with Avalanche and how you could be benefiting from the newest features and services of Avalanche 6.0? Or, are you looking to re-familiarize yourself with the product, in general? Join us at our recorded webinar, hosted live on 4/3/14) that walks you through everything you need to know to maximize your enterprise mobility strategy. Register now!

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The Fastest Return on Voice Investment

Register to view our recorded webinar where we introduce the Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite and how it represents the future of mobility.

Register to view our recorded webinar on Wavelink Speakeasy and how companies can save significantly by reducing implementations times. Traditionally, implementation times for voice-solutions made them unattractive. With Speakeasy, implementation barriers are being torn down so you don’t have to wait for voice.

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Voice and Your Wireless Applications

Did you know that you can now voice-enable your WMS applications? By adding voice, you will see better accuracy, higher productivity, and fewer accidents. Additionally, voice implementation can now be done in as little as 30 days, which helps you get faster returns on your investment.

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Full Voice Implementation in as Little as 30 Days

Unlike legacy voice solutions, Wavelink Speakeasy lets you add voice to your existing ruggedized device applications easier and faster than ever. Capitalize on the benefits of drastically decreased errors, increased productivity, streamlined training, and increased safety with voice technology – all in as little as 30 days.

Register as we guide you through what you need to know about the state of voice technology, and how quickly your enterprise could begin benefiting from voice-enabling your applications.

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Increase the Speed & Rendering Power of Applications

Legacy browsers were built for PC’s, not mobile computers. The pre-installed browsers of yesterday inhibit user efficiency and lack the versatility needed to process the diversity of today’s applications. Legacy browsers, such as Pocket Windows Internet Explorer, were never designed for optimal mobile usage and cannot keep pace with the complexity of modern mobile web applications.

Register and learn more about the only mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) solution designed for challenging mobile environments.

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Say Goodbye to Legacy Voice Solutions

Is your voice solution holding you back by not giving you the flexibility necessary for today's applications? Are you stuck with a proprietary solution that doesn't allow you to leverage other technologies and methods when using voice in, or outside, the four walls?

Register for an in-depth look at the evolution of voice, and a hands-on demonstration of what today's modern voice application looks like with Wavelink Speakeasy and the Screen Reformatter.

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VDC Presents Managing Mobile Security

With the rapid growth of mobile devices across the enterprise, mobile security is becoming a necessity. While IT departments have made strides in securing traditional platforms such as servers, PC's, etc., new platforms still pose a challenge. Now more than ever, organizations need to put appropriate tools in place to ensure that mobile assets are secure, due to the increased reliance on mobile technologies.

Learn about measures which VDC recommends in order to securely and proactively administer and support today's ever-growing mobile workforce.

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Extend Best-In-Class Management to Cisco 7900 Phones

Traditionally, the management, configuration and deployment of Cisco 7900 Series phones meant a labor and time-intensive process that required both IT and non-technical end-users to implement. Now, administrators can streamline this process by utilizing Wavelink Avalanche.

See how any organization using Cisco 7900 phones can reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity with Wavelink Avalanche.

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