Mobile enterprise application platforms

Mobile access to host systems eliminates app development time

When you have Wavelink mobile enterprise application solutions, you accelerate mobility deployments. How? By eliminating the costs of developing mobile clients for host interface applications.

Compatible with, and recommended by, all leading supply chain management (SCM) system providers, Wavelink makes it easy for workers to interact with these systems through our telnet and browser applications. These applications are available for major mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Proven clients across mobile operating systems

With over 10 million mobility clients deployed across Terminal Emulation, Industrial Browser, VelocityCE, and more, Wavelink knows mobile productivity.

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Modernize for greater productivity

Migrating applications is expensive and filled with risks. Modernize your existing telnet client and your workforce will be able to get more done – thanks to a familiar, intuitive touchscreen user experience. Enhance your web applications for everything Android has to offer! Our Velocity Browser gives you the best of the Android experience and is the pathway forward for web-based supply chain management systems such as SAP ITSMobile and Naurtech CETerm clients.

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Bring your existing web apps to the latest devices

Our Velocity Browser is your path forward to Android mobile devices.

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Modernize your Terminal Emulation experience

Velocity modernizes your existing telnet client into an intuitive, touchscreen user experience for the latest Android devices.

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Define your mobility strategy

Learn how the Wavelink Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite delivers the key components to make your mobility deployment a success.

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Looking for mobile productivity? We have it.

Check out all the tools Wavelink provides to improve productivity across your supply chain operations.

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