Your secure enterprise browser built for mobility

Pairing fast-rendering web applications with security and data-capture features delivers a powerful productivity improvement for mobile workers.

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VelocityCE Features

Fast-rendering applications

Eliminate delays caused by sluggish browser-screen presentation.

Develop data-capture apps easily

No specialized coding knowledge is needed to incorporate data-capture technologies like barcode scanning into applications.

Ensure productivity with lockdown capability

Lock out access to undesired applications, so workers stay focused on the task at hand.

Compatible with your supply chain management (SCM) system

Mobile applications from Wavelink are compatible with all leading SCM host applications.

Multisession support for multitasking workers

Workers can toggle easily among multiple sessions as they work across tasks.

Provide a better mobile experience

Improve the appearance of host apps for easier consumption on mobile devices.

Empower workers to do more

Add functions like smart calculations beyond those provided by the host app.

Device-specific software for optimized experiences

Take full advantage of individual device capabilities with device-tailored clients.

Free your IT and operations from the problems of thick-client applications

Learn why mobile productivity clients from Wavelink are key to successful enterprise mobility deployments.

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