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Speakeasy is the fastest, easiest way to voice enable your mobile applications. You can add voice to Terminal Emulation, or a selection of our web applications – including Velocity*.

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See how Toshiba realized their voice ROI in under 3 months

Speakeasy Features

Add voice in 30 days or less

Add Speakeasy to your existing mobile deployment in less than a month.

Voice enable Android apps

Considering Android devices? Voice enable your Velocity-modernized apps for the ultimate in mobile productivity.

Forget voice-specific hardware

Speakeasy leverages the computing power of your existing mobile device. There's no need to purchase dedicated voice-processing hardware.

Part of a multimodal data-capture solution

Add voice where voice makes sense—alongside barcode scanning, key entry, and more—for an optimized data-collection solution.

Connectivity independent

Speakeasy uses device-based voice processing, so you don’t need a server connection to handle voice encoding/decoding.

No middleware or system interfaces to buy

Speakeasy leverages your mobile application to interface to the host system, eliminating the need for expensive add-on software.

No modifications to host system required

Add voice without incurring costly modifications to your host applications.

Reduce training times

There's no need to “train” or manipulate Speakeasy to recognize unique accents or dialects. Users can pick up any enabled mobile device and get started on their work.

Improve worker and warehouse safety

Adding voice provides a “heads-up, eyes-forward, hands-free” experience for workers, enabling them to be more aware of their surroundings while navigating tasks.

Speakeasy delivers ROI in less than 3 months!

Implementing Speakeasy in high volume picking areas delivers the productivity gains Toshiba was looking for.

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Analyst Perspective: VDC Research

Expert guidance to help you get the most from your warehouse operations with a focus on voice enablement.

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Case study: Gist/Starbucks

Speakeasy offers 3PL business an easy, low cost, agile way to offer better supply chain services to their customers.

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Case study: 3M

Learn how 3M reduced picking times, decreased mis-picks, and improved overall efficiency.

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Faster ROI with voice

Watch Speakeasy at work on some of the industry’s leading mobile computers from Motorola.

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Case study: Goya Foods

Learn all the benefits Goya Foods, Inc. has realized by deploying Speakeasy.

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The problems of traditional voice applications

Legacy voice applications were complicated, expensive implementations. Speakeasy changes all that.

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Not just another voice application

Speakeasy is a fresh approach, making voice affordable and easy to deploy.

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With Wavelink, we’ve been able to improve the efficiency by 50 percent.”

John Revenaugh
Director of Logistics , Coleman Cable

* Coming Summer 2016