Industrial Browser

Deliver web-based apps with an enterprise browser built for mobile productivity

Take control of the mobile browser. Develop powerful enterprise apps that implement data capture technologies easily and optimize worker productivity.

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Industrial Browser Features

Run side-by-side with Terminal Emulation

Our Industrial Browser is built to complement our market-leading Terminal Emulation, so workers can have sessions open in both systems simultaneously.

Control advanced data capture technologies

Leverage JavaScript control of RFID readers, peripherals such as printers and payment add-ons, plus advanced ability to interpret and parse barcoded data.

Run multiple sessions concurrently

Your workers are expected to multitask. Wavelink’s Industrial Browser can do the same, with easy toggling among sessions.

Ensure productivity with lockdown capability

Keep your workers focused on the task at hand by locking out access to undesired applications, or even hiding address/task bars to keep users within the Industrial Browser.

Extend productivity by adding voice

Expand multimodal data capture by adding voice with Wavelink Speakeasy, which is designed to hook into all Wavelink mobile apps.

Designed for nonstop work

Keep your business moving with hot-key scripts to automate manual tasks. Roaming support helps workers stay productive when out of Wi-Fi range.