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Terminal Emulation Downloads

Wavelink Emulation software provides the most comprehensive solution for accessing and managing connections to applications resident on host systems using 5250, 3270, VT, and HP emulation. Additionally Wavelink Emulators 6.0 contains the Wavelink Industrial Browser, which is multi-vendor and for customers seeking to migrate, it has built-in support for your existing emulation environment. Web-based applications can now take advantage of the enhanced data collection hardware on mobile computers.

Wavelink TE Clients:
To download and install TE clients for your specific mobile devices, use the “For Devices” search menus for a complete listing of available TE clients.

Wavelink Emulation License Server (Optional):
The Wavelink Emulation License server makes it easy to distribute and keep track of licenses across a large number of hand held devices by centralizing this function in an easy-to-use application. To download select "Emulation License Server" from the Wavelink Product Downloads menu.

Wavelink ConnectPro Server (Optional):
The ConnectPro Server allows you to avoid dropped connections and automatically reconnect by acting as an intermediary connection server between the client device and the host application server. To download select "Emulation ConnectPro Server" from the Wavelink Product Downloads menu.