Voice enablement

Achieve your annual productivity metrics

You’re tasked to improve worker productivity by 5% (or more) each year. Speakeasy is the fastest, most cost-effective way to voice enable your mobile workers. It complements data collection via barcode scanning, RFID, and keyboard entry by facilitating voice-based data entry (speech-to-text) as well as voice direction from an application (text-to-speech).

Increasing productivity throughout the supply chain

From manufacturers to 3rd-party logistics (3PL) providers, businesses around the globe are realizing measurable returns on their investment in Speakeasy.

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Voice enable what you already have, or on the newest devices

Add voice to an existing telnet or web application on Windows Mobile devices, or introduce voice with your new Android device deployment (available Summer 2016).

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3PL's provide better customer service with Speakeasy

Learn how Gist improved productivity and delivers better service to customers such as Starbucks with help from Speakeasy.

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Analyst Perspective: VDC Research

Expert guidance to help you get the most from your warehouse operations with a focus on voice enablement.

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Redefining Voice Enablement

Discover twelve points to a better voice solution with Speakeasy.

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The rules of voice enablement have changed

Adding voice is no longer difficult or expensive.

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Don’t pay extra for proprietary voice hardware

Leading mobile devices have all the hardware you need to add voice for multimodal data capture.

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