Modernized mobile access to host applications

Equip your workforce to get more done during each shift. Velocity provides access to your host applications such as warehouse management or enterprise resource planning systems with a mobile experience optimized for today’s touchscreen-driven mobile devices.

Velocity is the engine for Zebra’s All-Touch TE.

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Velocity Features

Take full advantage of today’s mobile device displays

The latest mobile computers include amazing displays with multitouch capability. Velocity leverages the best of the bright, touchscreen interface by taking the text-based information from your host application and converting it automatically to an intuitive, easy-to-navigate mobile app.

Improve worker productivity

When you bring the familiar, multitouch experience of today’s personal devices into the mission-critical apps that drive your business, you accelerate task-screen navigation and enable your workforce to enter data more quickly and accurately.

Protect your investment in your host system

Velocity can interface to your existing warehouse management system (WMS), or other supply chain management systems, without the need to migrate or modify the host application.

Modernize the host application automatically

Velocity handles the conversion of your host application’s text interface automatically, so you can devote your software-development resources to other projects. Your workers gain a mobile application that is contemporary and familiar, while your business avoids the costs of having to develop one.

Customize keyboards

Many of today’s touchscreen devices have few, if any, physical keys for data entry. Velocity enables you to create customized onscreen keypads, so you can present workers with the data entry keys appropriate for the task at hand.

Touchscreen apps without touching your host system

Wavelink Velocity delivers a modernized user experience while protecting your business from the costs associated with application migration.

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Do more with today’s touchscreen mobile computers

Witness how Velocity helps your workforce do more.

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Why migrate when you can modernize?

App migration comes with significant costs—in budget, risk, and time.

Avoid the pain of app migration

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Modernize without compromise

Velocity makes it easy to quantify productivity gains without mobile application migration.

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