Comprehensive Training From the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Convenient online training

Conventional technical training can become a repetitive, time consuming task that involves travel and time out of the office. Wavelink understands that training is a critical part of the product purchasing cycle but that it can add additional expenses and create a costly loss of productivity.

However, undergoing product training is important if you want to fully reap the benefits of a product. At Wavelink we want our customers and partners to fully understand and use the power of our solutions to their benefit but without hindering resources. Through Wavelink eLearning, we provide a comfortable way to deliver high quality training to employees without the hefty expense, inconvenience, and loss of productivity that is equated with off-site training.

A set of online training classes, Wavelink eLearning is a great way to deliver training material without leaving the comfort of your home or office. This simple way to present to large groups or individuals is a cost-effective method for continuous education and overall productivity enhancements. Just hop online at your convenience and take any one of the numerous pre-recorded eLearning sessions on your Wavelink solution.

Wavelink’s online classes cover the full range of Wavelink products from either the technical or sales perspective. The free-flowing modules have been broken down into different sections allowing you to pick-up what’s relevant to you. Whether that’s installing and configuring a Wavelink solution or focusing on different aspects of our voice products, you can login and receive training that’s configured to suit your needs.

Partners can use the online classes offered through eLearning to maintain their certification levels after meeting all the requirements of the Certified Training Courses.

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Benefits of eLearning


Easily balance the demands of work and home by learning about your Wavelink solution at your convenience, either from work, at home or on the road.


All content-managed courses stay up-to-date, ensuring that the most accurate, relevant information reaches you or your employees.


By eliminating the costs of travel your organization will realize immediate cost savings. On average companies can save between 50-70% by eliminating travel expenses.


With just a few mouse clicks and an Internet connection you can begin your Wavelink eLearning modules in no time.

Self-Directed and Convenient

Learn at your own pace, focus on what you need, skip what you know, repeat sections. With Wavelink eLearning you are always in control of learning where, when, and what you want with unlimited access 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Available eLearning Classes

Technical Classes

Avalanche Site Edition – The student will learn how to manage & secure mobile devices using Site Edition.
Avalanche Mobility Center – Understand the best practice using Mobility Center to manage mobile devices & wireless infrastructures.
Secure Plus – This course covers the use of the Mobile device security plug-in
Remote Control – This course covers the use of Remoter Control as a plug-in for the helpdesk
Avalanche Package Builder – Learn how to build custom packages for mobile devices
Terminal Emulation – The student will learn how use all the features of Wavelink’s Emulation
TE Screen Reformatter – This course trains the student how to use Screen Reformatter to optimize the End-User experience
Speakeasy Script Building – Create voice enabled scripts for Wavelink Emulation

General Classes

Avalanche Return on Investment – Sales training on ROI (Return On Investment)
Remote Control Sales Overview – Sales training & product overview for Remote Control
Speakeasy Demonstration – A voice enabled picking demonstration using Wavelink Emulation & Speakeasy

Wavelink Customer Training

Request Training

Wavelink is dedicated to all their customers worldwide. We know that training of a company’s staff can go a long way in making sure our software is used in the most efficient way.

If you are an end user and would like your staff trained either on-site or in our Seattle Training Classrooms please click Request Training. This link will create an email that you can compose to explain just what training you are looking for Wavelink to provide. Please include your full contact information (address, telephone number, etc.) within your email. You will receive a call so we can make sure to match the right training class to the companies needs.

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