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Managing mobile assets across the wireless ecosystem is an increasing priority for businesses in any industry. As business assets become more and more mobile, the need to securely and efficiently manage them rises. To do this, companies must find ways to improve provisioning, updating, maintaining and troubleshooting their mobile inventory around the clock.

In many cases, companies don’t have the personnel or expertise available to effectively and proactively manage the growing numbers of mobile devices on a twenty-four seven basis. This often results in increased costs across the board due to a reactive approach to administration, often resulting in missed tasks that could have averted problems. Additionally, it can result in unwelcome surprises on the security front, especially with companies being held more and more accountable with security regulations like PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Avalanche Managed Services from Wavelink utilizes the award winning Avalanche solution for managing mobile devices and wireless infrastructure to extend those benefits to organizations that prefer to focus their internal resources on other business needs. Avalanche Managed Services takes the pressure off companies to deploy and maintain their own wireless ecosystem and yet provides all the benefits of having that environment running smoothly. With Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for monitoring, alerting, reporting, and issue resolution, your organization can stay focused on other business operations.

Avalanche Managed Services takes away the need to allocate scarce resources to do system administration. This is different from other approaches where the customer needs to install, configure, and actively administer the server environment. With Avalanche Managed Services, Wavelink experts fill that system administration role for you, freeing your people up to focus on other business-critical needs instead. Wavelink will monitor and manage the Avalanche system and you will reap the benefits.

Managed Services  

Managed Services Benefits

Quick and Easy Implementation

Avalanche Managed Services provides effortless implementation of Avalanche’s world class mobile device management console via a Wavelink specialist. This makes the process of getting your enterprise running at optimum levels quick and easy.

Scheduled Provisioning and Updates

With Avalanche Managed Services, organizations no longer need to worry about deploying the latest security and application updates, because it’s already taken care of with scheduled updates. Mobile assets can be segmented to control which updates go to specific devices.

Scheduled Reports

Using Avalanche reporting capabilities, Avalanche Managed Services allows subscribers to receive scheduled reports on a variety of topics, such as provisioning history and device statistics.

Help Desk and Support

Organizations get peace of mind knowing they have the option for twenty-four seven telephone support for any unexpected issues. Companies also have access to a self service portal where they can submit help desk requests and search for fixes to common problems.

Comprehensive Security

Avalanche Managed Services ensures that security protocols and settings are being monitored and managed by Wavelink experts. In addition, Avalanche Managed Services can ensure that extra layers of security, such as digital certificates and authenticated log-in to devices, are current and active.

Managed Services  

Managed Services Related Products

Wavelink Avalanche is an innovative mobile device and infrastructure management solution that solves the challenges associated with managing the wireless ecosystem. Avalanche streamlines and automates mobile device and infrastructure management tasks across the wireless LAN and WWAN, and ensures that the wireless environment is secure.

Remote Control
With the Avalanche Remote Control plug-in, administrators can remotely diagnose over WLAN or WAN to remedy both applications and device settings, or simply provide assisted guidance for an end-user.

Wavelink Avalanche SecurePlus (formerly Avalanche CE Secure) is a plug-in to Wavelink Avalanche that provides advanced user authentication and security on Windows CE® mobile devices.

Certificate Manager
As part of an overall mobile device management solution, Avalanche Certificate Manager manages user-specific digital certificates, which allows individual device users to authenticate to a network securely.

Managed Services

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